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Texas Primary Recap

The primary election in the State of Texas was one of the most closely watched primaries in this election cycle for several important reasons. Firstly, this was the first election since Senate Bill 1, Texas’ election reform bill, was signed into law by Governor Abbott. Many state and national news outlets reported on the impact of the election reform throughout the early voting period. Secondly, with most other primaries occurring in May, the Texas primaries offered a glimpse of what was to come. There were many expected outcomes in these elections such as the inevitable match between Greg Abbott and Beto O’Rourke as well as the electoral sweep by Lieutenant Governor Patrick and Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar. There were some that surprised election watchers with a few incumbents being forced into a primary runoff. The State saw another primary cycle with low voter turnout with more Republican voters showing out at the polls compared to Democratic voters. Texas primary voter turnout has historically been low and, like the past, has had no significant indication in what is to come in the general election. Many runoff elections materialized following the primary and that election will take place May 24, 2022, with the general election occurring on November 8, 2022. Incumbent runoffs: AG: Ken Paxton (incumbent) and George P. Bush RR Commissioner: Wayne Christian (incumbent) and Sarah Stogner U.S. CD-28: Henry Cuellar (incumbent) and Jessica Cisneros TX HD-12: Kyle Kacal (incumbent) and Ben Bius TX HD-85: Phil Stephenson (incumbent) and Stan Kitzman TX HD-91: Stephanie Klick (incumbent) and David Lowe Democratic Runoffs: AG – Rochelle Garza and Joe Jaworski or Lee Merritt Lt. Governor – Mike Collier and Michelle Beckley Land Commissioner – Sandra Martinez and Jay Kleberg Tx Comptroller – Janet Dudding and Angel Vega CD-1 – Jrmmar “JJ” Jefferson and Victor D. Dunn CD-15 - Ruben Ramirez and Michelle Vallejo CD-21 – Claudia Zapata and Ricardo Villarreal CD-24 - Jan McDowell and Derrik Gay CD-28 – Henry Cuellar and Jessica Cisneros CD 30 – Jasmine Crockett and Jane Hope Hamilton CD-38 – Diana Alexander and Duncan F. Klussmann SD-27 – Morgan LaMantia and Sara Stapleton-Barrera HD-22 - Joseph Trahan and Christian Hayes HD-100 - Sandra Crenshaw and Venton Jones HD-114 - Alexandra Guio and John W. Bryant HD 147 (Houston) - Jolanda Jones and Danielle Keys Bess

Republican Runoffs: AG – Ken Paxton and George P. Bush Land Commissioner – Dawn Buckingham and Tim Westley RR Commissioner – Wayne Christian and Sarah Stogner SD-24 – Pete Flores and Raul Reyes HD-12 – Kyle Kacal and Ben Bius HD-17 – Stan Gerdes and Paul Pape HD-19 – Ellen Troxclair and Justin Berry HD-52 – Patrick McGuinness and Caroline Harris HD-73 – Barron Casteel and Carrie Isaac HD-85 – Phil Stephenson and Stan Kitzman HD-91 – Stephanie Klick and David Lowe HD-93 - Nate Schatzline and Laura Hill HD-122 - Elisa Chan and Mark Dorazio HD-133 - Shelly Torian Barineau and Mano DeAyala CD-3 – Van Taylor and Keith Self CD-28 – Cassy Garcia and Sandra Whitten CD-30 - James Harris and James Rodgers CD-32 – Antonio Swad and Justin Webb CD-37 – Jenny Sharon and Rod Lingsch CD-35 – Dan McQueen and Michael Rodriguez Notable Statewide / Congressional Races:


Republican: Greg Abbott (66.5%)

Allen West (12.3%)

Don Huffines (11.9%)

Democrat: Beto O’Rourke (91.3%)

Lt. Governor:

Republican: Dan Patrick (76.6%)

Democrat (Runoff):

Mike Collier (41.5%)

Michelle Beckley (30.2%)

Attorney General:

Republican (Runoff):

Ken Paxton (42.7%)

George P. Bush (22.8%)

Eva Guzman (17.5%)

Louie Gohmert (17%)

Democrat (Runoff):

Rochelle Garza (43.2%)

Joe Jaworski (19.6%)

Texas Comptroller:

Republican: Glenn Hegar (81.6%)

Democrat (Runoff):

Janet Dudding (46.2%)

Angel Vega (34.7%)

Agriculture Commissioner:

Republican: Sid Miller (58.5%)

James White (31.1%)

Democrat: Susan Hays (82.8%)

Railroad Commissioner:


Wayne Christian (47.2%)

Sarah Stogner (15.1%)

Democrat: Luke Warford (uncontested)

Land Commissioner:

Republican (Runoff):

Dawn Buckingham (41.8%)

Tim Westley (14.8%)

Democrat (Runoff):

Sandra Grace Martinez (32%)

Jay Kleberg (25.8%)

Texas CD-1 Tyler:

Republican: Nathaniel Moran (62.9%)

Democrat (runoff):

Jrmmar “JJ” Jefferson (45.5%)

Victor D. Dunn (28%)

Texas CD-3 Plano:

Republican: Keith Self (26.5%)

Van Taylor (48.7%) withdrew after from the race after the primary election

Texas CD-7 Houston:

Republican (runoff):

Johnny Teague (42.7%)

Tim Stroud (29.5%)

Democrat: Lizzie Fletcher (uncontested)

Texas CD-14 Friendswood:

Republican: Randy Weber (89.2%)

Democrat (Potential Runoff):

Mikal Williams (50.2%)

Eugene Howard (49.8%)

Texas CD-15 McAllen:

Republican: Monica De La Cruz (56.5%)

Democrat (runoff):

Ruben Ramirez (28.3%)

Michelle Vallejo (20.1%)

Texas CD-21 Austin:

Republican: Chip Roy (83.2%)

Democrat (runoff):

Claudia Zapata (47.3%)

Ricardo Villarreal (27.1%)

Texas CD-23 San Antonio:

Republican: Tony Gonzales (77.9%)

Democrat: John Lira (56.1%)

Texas CD-24 Irving:

Republican: Beth Van Duyne (85%)

Democrat (runoff):

Jan McDowell (39.4%)

Derrik Gay (32.6%)

Texas CD-27 Victoria:

Republican: Michael Cloud (72.5%)

Democrat: Maclovio Perez (59.1%)

Texas CD-28 Laredo:

Republican (runoff):

Cassy Garcia (23.5%)

Sandra Whitten (18%)

Democrat (runoff):

Henry Cuellar (48.4%)

Jessica Cisneros (46.9%)

Texas CD-29 Houston:

Republican (Runoff):

Robert Schafranek (39.2%)

Julio Garza (31.7%)

Democrat: Sylvia R. Garcia (uncontested)

Texas CD-30 Dallas:

Republican (runoff):

James Harris (32.9%)

James Rodgers (31.3%)

Democrat (runoff):

Jasmine Crockett (48.5%)

Jane Hope Hamilton (17%)

Texas CD-32 Dallas:

Republican (runoff):

Antonio Swad (40.2%)

Justin Webb (18%)

Democrat: Colin Allred (uncontested)

Texas CD-35 Austin:

Republican (runoff):

Dan McQueen (21.2%)

Michael Rodriguez (15%)

Democrat: Greg Casar (61.2%)

Eddie Rodriguez (15.6%)

Texas CD-37 Austin:

Republican (runoff):

Jenny Garcia Sharon (46.8%)

Rod Lingsch (27.8%)

Democrat: Lloyd Doggett (79.2%)

Texas CD-38 Houston:

Republican: Wesley Hunt (55.3%)

Democrat (runoff):

Diana Alexander (45.6%)

Duncan F. Klussmann (38.1%)

Notable Texas State Senate Results:

SD-10 Fort Worth:

Republican: Phil King (76%)

Democrat: Beverly Powell (uncontested)

SD-11 Friendswood:

Republican: Mayes Middleton (63.2%)

Democrat: No primary candidate

SD-12 Flower Mound:

Republican: Tan Parker (71%)

Democrat: Francine Ly (73%)

SD-20 McAllen:

Republican: Westley Wright (73%)

Democrat: Juan “Chuy” Hinojosa (uncontested)

SD-24 Horseshoe Bay:

Republican (runoff):

Pete Flores (46%)

Raul Reyes (33%)

Democrat: Kathy Jones-Hospod (80%)

SD-27 Brownsville:

Republican: Adam Hinojosa (51%)

Democrat (runoff):

Morgan LaMantia (33.8%)

Sara Stapleton-Barrera (32.7%)

SD-31 Amarillo:

Republican: Kevin Sparks (54.8%)

Democrat: No primary candidate

Notable TX House of Representatives Races:

HD-11 Nacogdoches:

Republican: Travis Clardy (53%)

Democrat: No primary candidate

HD-12 College Station:

Republican (runoff):

Kyle Kacal (47%)

Ben Bius (42%)

Democrat: No primary candidate

HD-13 Iola:

Republican: Angelia Orr (51%)

Democrat: Cedric Davis Sr. (73%)

HD-17 Lockhart:

Republican (runoff):

Stan Gerdes (30%)

Paul Pape (28%)

Democrat: Madeline Eden (uncontested)

HD-19 Hillister:

Republican (runoff):

Ellen Troxclair (38%)

Justin Berry (35%)

Democrat: Pam Baggett (uncontested)

HD-22 Beaumont:

Republican: Jacorion Randle (uncontested)

Democrat (runoff):

Joseph Trahan (49%)

Christian Hayes (43%)

HD-23 Galveston:

Republican (runoff):

Patrick Gurski (31%)

Teresa Leo-Wilson (28%)

Democrat: Keith G. Henry (uncontested)

HD-31 Rio Grande City:

Republican: Ryan Guillen (59%)

Democrat: Martha M. Gutierrez (uncontested)

HD-33 Heath:

Republican: Justin Holland (70%)

Democrat (results still coming in):

Graeson Lynskey (51%)

Peter Haase (49%)

HD-37 Brownsville:

Republican: Janie Lopez (69%)

Democrat (runoff):

Ruben Cortez Jr. (41%)

Luis Villarreal Jr. (39%)

HD-52 Round Rock:

Republican (runoff):

Patrick McGuinness (35%)

Caroline Harris (31%)

Nelson Jarrin (26%)

Democrat: Luis Echegaray (uncontested)

HD-60 Graford:

Republican (runoff):

Glenn Rogers (44%)

Mike Olcott (36%)

Democrat: No primary candidate

HD-61 Weatherford:

Republican (runoff):

Frederick Frazier (42%)

Paul Chabot (37%)

Democrat: Sheena King (uncontested)

HD-63 Flower Mound:

Republican (runoff):

Ben Bumgarner (29%)

Jeff Younger (28%)

Democrat: H. Denise Wooten (uncontested)

HD-70 McKinney:

Republican (runoff):

Jamee Jolly (38%)

Eric J. Bowlin (32%)

Democrat (results still coming in):

Cassandra Garcia Hernandez

Mihaela Elizabeth Plesa

Lorenzo Sanchez

HD-73 Fredericksburg:

Republican (runoff):

Barron Casteel (46%)

Carrie Isaac (45%)

Democrat: Justin Calhoun (uncontested)

HD-76 El Paso:

Republican: Dan Mathews (52%)

Democrat (runoff):

Suleman Lalani (37%)

Vanesia R. Johnson (25%)

HD-84 Lubbock:

Republican (runoff):

David Glasheen (42%)

Carl Tepper (40%)

Democrat: No primary candidate

HD-85 Wharton:

Republican (runoff):

Phil Stephenson (40%)

Stan Kitzman (35%)

Democrat: Larry E. Baggett (uncontested)

HD-91 Fort Worth:

Republican (runoff):

Stephanie Klick (49%)

David Lowe (39%)

Democrat: No primary candidate

HD-93 Haslet:

Republican (runoff):

Nate Schatzline (43.6%)

Laura Hill (36.5%)

Democrat: KC Chowdhury (uncontested)

HD-100 Dallas:

Republican: No primary candidate

Democrat (runoff):

Sandra Crenshaw (34%)

Venton Jones (26%)

HD-114 Dallas:

Republican: Mark Hajdu (uncontested)

Democrat (runoff):

Alexandra Guio (25%)

John W. Bryant (21%)

HD-122 San Antonio:

Republican (runoff):

Elisa Chan (37%)

Mark Dorazio (28%)

Democrat: Angi Aramburu (uncontested)

HD-133 Houston:

Republican (runoff):

Shelly Torian Barineau (28%)

Mano DeAyala (27%)

Democrat: Mohamad Maarouf (uncontested)

HD-142 Houston:

Republican: Richard Varner (uncontested)

Democrat: Harold V. Dutton Jr. (51%)

Candis Houston (49%)

HD-147 Houston:

Republican: Damien Thaddeus Jones (54%)

Democrat (runoff):

Jolanda Jones (41%)

Danielle Keys Bess (20%)

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