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The Capitol Inside 2017 Texas Lobby Power Rankings

The Capitol Inside 2017 Texas Lobby Power Rankings came out last week and at the top of almost every category is Texas Star Alliance.

No stranger to the rankings, Texas Star Alliance once again found itself at the top of the “Lobby Team” list coming in at #3.  Moving up two spots from its 2015 #5 ranking, Texas Star Alliance’s continued success can be directly attributed to its team approach and quality additions to its team.  The firms Managing Principal, John R. Pitts, appears at #6 on the list of “Hired Guns” under the Texas dome from 2015.  Chris Hosek makes another appearance on the list of top “Hired Guns” at #75.  And making his first appearance on the “Hired Gun” list is John R. Pitts, Jr. coming in at #58.

But the “Hired Guns” weren’t the only Texas Star Alliance “stars” shining in this years rankings.  Senator Ken Armbrister is atop the list of “Former Legislator Lobbyists” at #2.  And Tom Suehs and Robert Scott were both recognized as top “Former State Agency Head Lobbyists” ranking #3 and #5 respectively.  And a recent addition to Texas Star Alliance, Jordan Williford, ranked 7th among “Rising Stars” in the Texas Lobby.  Other noteworthy additions to Texas Star Alliance since the 2015 session are the Honorable John J. Specia Jr., Eric Knustrom and Kris Parker.

In commenting on Texas Star Alliances continued success, John R. Pitts, Founder and Managing Principal, stressed the importance of policy experience and professional integrity.  But Mr. Pitts balances that with noting that Texas Star Alliance is at its core more a family than a team.  A family that continues to grow and prosper under his guidance. Expect to see much more of Texas Star Alliance on the list of most influential lobbyists in Texas.

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