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Why Choose Texas Star Alliance?


Connected. Experienced. Results-Driven. 

Based in Austin, TX, we are a results-driven, bipartisan government affairs group backed by a trusted reputation and a track record of success. Our top-ranked team of proven leaders represents an unmatched depth of expertise across a broad range of issues and industries. Armed with a deep understanding of the policy process, we are equipped to handle even the toughest and most complex political challenges.


At Texas Star Alliance, we view the status quo as a starting point – not a finish line.

Whether you need help moving a piece of legislation, navigating through regulatory red tape, or developing a new messaging strategy, Texas Star Alliance offers a fresh and effective approach to public affairs.

As a boutique public affairs group, we pride ourselves on using creativity and insightfulness to tailor services designed to meet the individual needs of our clients. We focus on developing an understanding about what makes each of our clients unique and look for ways we can add value to their organization.


At Texas Star Alliance, we believe business is personal.

Whether you are a small business, public university, or a nonprofit, we understand that public policy decisions have the ability to deeply affect the lives your employees and the people your organization serves. We operate everyday knowing what we do matters, and therefore delivering results is a responsibility we take seriously.

We strive to build meaningful, long-term partnerships with our clients. Achieving this objective takes a level of trust that can only be earned through open, honest communication and mutual respect. When you give us the privilege of representing your organization in the public policy process, you can be assured we will do so with integrity and the utmost respect for your company values and principles.


Where an Unmatched Repertoire of Expertise Meets an Unwavering Commitment to Succeed.

From heading state agencies, blazing campaign trails, and negotiating inside boardrooms, our team of proven leaders represents decades of experience in both the public and private arenas. Having cut their teeth where it counts, our principals have a well-earned wealth of expertise on a number of important issues including health care, energy, budget and appropriations, agriculture, education, and technology, just to name a few.

But we also understand that to change the future, it’s not enough to solely rely on our past. A truly integrated public affairs group, we have built a track record of success by combining our experience and expertise with cutting-edge, effective solutions. It’s a winning formula our clients trust to help them achieve meaningful results.

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