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Meg Garcia, Senior Policy Analyst


Meg Garcia

Meg Garcia is a graduate student at the University of Texas at Austin, studying to receive her Masters in Public Administration. Her academic journey is driven by a fervent aspiration to become a proficient policy analyst with expertise spanning a wide array of policy domains.


Meg's received her Bachelor's Degree from Tulane University. It was during her undergraduate years that her passion for public service and social justice took root, propelling her into a series of impactful roles in the public sector.


During her time in New Orleans, Meg had the served as an immigration legal intern with Catholic Charities. In this capacity, she navigated the complexities of immigration law and extended her commitment to the community by providing invaluable English as a Second Language (ESL) classes. This experience allowed her to directly assist individuals seeking a better life in the United States, demonstrating her dedication to humanitarian causes.


Prior to her role with Catholic Charities, Meg interned with the New Orleans Public Defenders Office. Here, she learned about the criminal justice system, gaining valuable insights into the legal processes that impact the lives of the most vulnerable members of society.

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