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Kristopher Henny, Associate


Kristopher Henny is an Associate with Texas Star Alliance and graduate from the University of North Texas where he majored in Political Science and International Relations. He started his career working in the office of Senator Royce West where he focused on a variety of issues in the Criminal Justice, Transportation, and Finance Committee.


While working in Senator West’s office, Kristopher helped develop the Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) Task Force. The task force was comprised of members from both chambers of the legislature where they listened to issues facing HUBs across the state and found solutions.  


Over the past ten years, Kristopher has built strong relationships with many members of the Texas Legislative Black Caucus. 


As a native Houstonian, Kristopher has built a number of relationships with many of the City and County leaders.

Kristopher Henny

Cell: 410-693-2636

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