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2022 Election Wrap Up: Texas Edition

Early voting kicked off in Texas on October 24 and ran through November 4. During this two-week period, just 31% of registered voters cast their ballots. This dropped from the 53% who cast their ballots early in 2018. However, this was not an unfamiliar trend – during midterms in non-presidential election years, voter turnout decreases. It is also true that the President’s party loses seats during the midterm elections (except in 1998 and 2002 as a result of Clinton’s impeachment and post-911 sentiments). Knowing this, and taking the drop in early voting into consideration, the “red wave” that was expected to sweep the nation was likely to materialize in Texas.

Overall, the voter turnout for the 2022 general election showed a dip in registered voters going to the polls compared to the 2018 midterms. Only around 8.1 million registered voters showed up to the polls this election, leaving 9.3 million Texas voters without a voice in this midterm election. However, there was a significant boost in registered voters ages 18 to 29 showing up to the polls, though this age group is still the lowest to participate in local elections.

This election solidified Republican control of Texas, with Republicans winning every statewide race. Many Republicans stated that there would be a “red wave” in South Texas with increasing concern about border issues; however, South Texas remained blue for this election. Though Republicans did not perform as well as many hoped, they will continue to be in power for the next Texas Legislative Session.

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