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Chris Hosek Wins 2018 Texas Oil and Gas Award for Service Excellence

Texas Star Alliance energy lobbyist becomes first in Texas to win the award.

AUSTIN – March 9, 2018 – Chris Hosek of Texas Star Alliance Energy Solutions won the 2018 Texas Oil and Gas Award for General Industry Service at a March 7 ceremony in Houston. The awards gala, which Railroad Commissioner Wayne Christian addressed as the keynote speaker, had more than 50 companies in attendance representing a broad cross-section of the energy industry.

The Oil and Gas Awards honor organizations and companies across the U.S. for not only their achievements, but also their contributions to the industry as a whole and communities in which they operate. The General Industry Service category recognizes companies that provide a vital link in the chain of the oil and gas industry, as well as exhibit outstanding corporate social responsibility, health and safety standards, and environmental stewardship.

One judge commented that Chris Hosek has “a formidable list of clients built over the last 7 years. Texas Star Alliance strongly represents this industry in cases of legislative and regulatory action.” Another finalist judge commented on Texas Star Alliance’s proven track record of representing its clients, saying the “client testimonials show just how important Texas Star Alliance is to its clients.”

Texas Star Alliance Energy Solutions has grown into one of the largest energy consulting/lobbying firms in Texas. Under the leadership of Chris Hosek, the company represents a wide variety of energy companies, including exploration and production, energy service, pipeline, suppliers, water treatment/recyclers, solid waste recyclers, and manufacturers.

About Chris Hosek

Chris Hosek is a principal of Texas Star Alliance, specializing in direct lobbying and state agency relations. He has experience with a broad range of legislative issues and policy initiatives including a specific expertise in the energy sector. Chris served as the chief of staff for five years to the Chair of the Railroad Commission of Texas, Elizabeth Ames Jones. The Railroad Commission is the regulatory body that oversees Texas’ energy industries including all levels of the oil and gas industry, pipeline safety, gas utility rates and the permitting and reclamation of coal and uranium mines.

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