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Harry McAdams, Texas Giant, passes

It is with great sorrow that we share the news that Harry McAdams passed from this world to his eternal rest.  Harry was more than a colleague, friend, and mentor to everyone at Texas Star Alliance; he was family and his presence will be sorely missed. Harry is survived by his Texas Star Alliance family as well as by his children, Michael McAdams of Arlington, Virginia; Curtis McAdams of Austin, Texas; and Lisa McAdams-Collins of Alexandria, Virginia; as well as their spouses, Beth Viola, David Miller, and Michael Collins. He is also survived by his dear friend Mariann Smart, and his brother Billy Hobbs of Austin.

Harry McAdams was Principal Emeritus at Texas Star Alliance.  His broad experience in the inner workings of the legislative process in both the U.S. Congress and the Texas Legislature was unparalleled. He began his legislative career as a House page in the Texas Legislature at the age of 13 and made public policy his life’s work.

Harry conquered many battles over his long career.  Recently, he nearly single-handedly wrestled TxDOT in its attempt to turn 83 miles of Texas’ farm-to-market roads to gravel.  With the help of Speaker Joe Straus, Senator Carlos Uresti, Representative Tracy King and Comptroller Glen Hegar, Harry was successful in keeping the integrity of the farm-to-market roads originally championed by his close friend, former Governor Dolph Briscoe.

Harry would offer advice to his friends at Texas Star Alliance from which car to purchase (when he once went shopping for a car with a Principal, she was amazed that all of the sales staff in each dealership knew Harry) to relationship advice – sometimes unsolicited.

Harry was a giant of Texas politics, a loving family man, and the best darn storyteller in the state.  We will miss him, his smile and his advice. Rest in peace, dear friend.

“Harry was my friend, mentor, and confidant.  Within a five minute conversation (and one that short was rare!), Harry could analyze a situation and offer advice based on his years of experience and common sense.  Harry loved Texas.  Harry loved people.  Harry loved being an integral part of Texas Star Alliance from outset.  Harry loved me and I loved him.  To say he will be missed is an understatement.  He lived as he believed.  He believed in what he was taught at a young age at the knee of his mother and preacher father.  He approached every situation in a unique “Harry” way and had exactly the right words to use for every situation – and could get away with saying things and turn a phrase in a way that I could never duplicate. He would walk through the Capitol in Austin and would be greeted by handshakes from the men and hugs from the ladies (he was most proud of a little lipstick on his cheek!).  When he would deliver roses to some of the women in the Capitol, he would wear his dark blue double-breasted suit and his alligator shoes – an impressive sight.  Harry McAdams was one of a kind.”

John R. Pitts, Founder and Managing Principal Texas Star Alliance

“From political strategy to life advice, Harry was one of the best. In a field still dominated by men, Harry made certain that the women he worked with were respected and heard, even if he disagreed with their policy or politics. Harry was the best person to sit in the Gallery with, continually teaching and telling the best stories. Harry loved Christ and it beamed throughout in all of his actions. What a blessing Harry was to me, and to our entire Capitol family. I am honored that he was my friend.”

Lucinda Saxon, Principal Texas Star Alliance

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