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Texas is Open for Business to Many Construction Opportunities

If you look up into sky in metro areas across Texas you will find cranes busily working among the skyscrapers. There are also trucks loaded with construction materials up and down the freeways, as well as hard-hat areas everywhere you turn. Texas has more construction jobs than you can shake a stick at.

The doors to construction opportunities for partnerships between public entities and private sector innovation are open in Texas. Currently, the tenth largest economy in the world and growing by nearly 1,000 people a day, planned improvements and new builds are expected to be ongoing in Texas for the next 15 to 20 years.

According to Site Selection magazine’s 2017 Governor’s Cup rankings, which recognizes the state with the most qualifying new and expanded facilities per capita, Texas was the No. 1 state for construction projects. The state’s development-friendly attitude is also a major driver fueling growth.

It’s clear that maintaining the state’s economic momentum will require major additional and improvements in infrastructure. What does that mean for the construction industry? A pipeline full of upcoming projects.

Texas needs additional schools, state, county and municipal buildings, new highway and transportation projects, as well as planned improvements to existing infrastructure. Texas still has many rebuild projects that need attention due to the destruction caused by Hurricane Harvey. Timing is everything and now is the time for contractors to capture new business in Texas.

The passage of $9.9 billion in local bond elections in Texas on November 2017 ballots guarantees an abundance of new business opportunities for private sector firms ranging from water projects, sports facilities, parks, libraries, sidewalks, landscaping and public safety facilitates. Also, more than 80 local government entities held bond referendums totaling $11 billion.

Texas has one of the nation’s largest highway networks and is the backbone of its economy. Our economic growth depends in large part on the efficiency, reliability and safety of our highways and transportation systems, which support individual mobility needs as well as commerce and industry. But our roads face challenges from population growth, deteriorating infrastructure and rapidly rising road construction costs. Thus, the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is planning $6 billion in upcoming construction contracts addressing safety improvements, express lanes, enhanced transit, bypass lanes, as well as many other planned road improvements.

Although, Texas has numerous critical infrastructure needs and long overdue projects that need attention immediately navigating through the government procurement process is often a complex and challenging process. Standing out in a crowded field of competitors requires just the right combination of know-how, relationships, and follow through. That’s where Texas Star Alliance comes in.

The Texas Star Alliance (TSA) team has a profound understanding of the intricate nature of the governmental contracts and is well equipped to help clients through the process. We create pathways for our private sector clients to work with governmental entities through pragmatic solutions and strategic guidance.

Based in Austin, TX, TSA is a results-driven, bipartisan government affairs firm backed by a trusted reputation and a track record of success. Our top-ranked team of proven leaders represents an unmatched depth of expertise across a broad range of issues and industries. Armed with a deep understanding of the policy process, we are equipped to handle even the toughest and most complex political challenges facing the construction industry.

Education is one of the most important aspects in addressing client issues. As a boutique public affairs firm, TSA prides itself on using creativity and insightfulness to tailor services designed to meet the individual needs of our clients. We focus on developing an understanding about what makes each of our clients unique and look for ways we can add value to their organization.

TSA learns as much about a client’s business as possible. We learn their skills. We learn everything they do. If you do not educate yourself on the business, you cannot do it right.

We strive to build meaningful, long-term partnerships with our clients. Achieving this objective takes a level of trust that can only be earned through open, honest communication and mutual respect. When you give us the privilege of representing your organization in the public policy process, you can be assured we will do so with integrity and the utmost respect for your company values and principles.

All signs and numbers point to huge opportunities for the construction industry in Texas. If you are interested in infiltrating or expanding your construction business in Texas, contact TSA. We are a results-driven, bipartisan government affairs firm backed by a trusted reputation and track record of success and are here to assist you in navigating Texas government.

For more information about Texas Star Alliance, visit or contact Nick James directly at

About the Authors: John R. Pitts is the founder and managing principal of the Texas Star Alliance. He has nearly 25 years of experience working around the Texas Capitol. Nick James is a principal at Texas Star Alliance. He brings a wealth of experience in Texas state government, having worked for the Senate and Lieutenant Governor for over 25 years.

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