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For the third session in a row, Texas Star Alliance has risen in the Texas Lobby Power Rankings. The rankings, compiled by Mike Hailey, one of Texas’ longest serving and most knowledgeable political journalists, are published preceding each Texas Legislative Session in Capitol Inside. The Washington Post called Capitol Inside “One of the best state capitol reporters in the nation." The 2019 Texas Lobby Power Rankings which were released in late January saw Texas Star Alliance gain two spots in the “Texas Lobby Teams” ranks as well as individual accolades for many Texas Star Alliance individual members. Texas Star Alliance’s collective recognition as well as the individual’s inclusion in a variety of categories is a testament to the group’s broad influence, diverse policy expertise, and deep and lasting relationships within Texas Government.

As a lobby team, Texas Star Alliance was ranked collectively at #3, rising 2 spots from #5 on the Power Rankings. This success as a firm can be traced directly back to the qualifications of its members and the work they perform for their clients at the Texas Capitol. But beyond those factors, the firm’s managing principal, John R. Pitts, attributes the continued success of the group to Texas Star Alliances to “decades of policy experience, individual dedication to excellence, but most of all, a collegial atmosphere that invests each member in the other’s success and well being. Working at Texas Star Alliance is like working with family.” The ranking proves the team’s dedication to the development of the firm’s ideals and goals. Texas Star Alliance displayed its depth of influence through its members, who only continued to climb higher on the list.

When it comes to individual accolades, the firm has more members in more categories in the rankings than any other “Top Lobby Firm”. Beginning with the “Hired Guns” category, TSA’s own Founder and Managing Principal, John R. Pitts rose one spot to #5, once again placing him among the one percent of the one percent of top lobbyists in Texas. Also included among the top “Hired Gun” lobbyists in Texas were Chad Cantella, #34, Chris Hosek, #45, and John Pitts Jr., #54. No other firm in Capitol Inside’s Power Rankings placed so many members in the list of top 100 contract lobbyists in the state. Tom Suehs was ranked as the #3 Former State Agency Heads, and former Senator Ken Armbrister was ranked at #5 on the list of Former Texas Legislators. In the “Rising Stars” category TSA’s Eric Knustrom and William Fullerton came in at #18 and #19 respectively.

While the Texas Lobby Power Rankings are a reflection of the commitment of the individuals at Texas Star Alliance, they are also a testament to how a diverse and qualified team of lobbyists can work together to make an impact as a team. Or in Texas Star Alliance’s case, a family.

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