UPS Alternative Fuel Vehicles


By John R. Pitts

Reinforcing UPS’ Corporate Values Through Smart Public Policy 


The client United Parcel Service Inc. (UPS) is a global leader in the use of alternative fuels. The replacement cost of alternative fuel vehicles is often cost prohibitive, which was the case in Texas. The client’s objective was to deploy alternative fuel vehicles across the state benefitting both the company and the state. The challenge was to pass legislation that cleared the way for the client’s goals to be achieved.


•Build a coalition of support
•Draft legislation and identify sponsors
•Develop effective messaging to articulate the winning points
•Create various support materials including handouts and mailings
•Identify and prepare witnesses for committee hearings
•Meet with members of the legislature to advocate for the legislation
•Draft amendments to the bill and make strategic adjustments



The Legislation received broad bipartisan support and moved through the process until the final hours when a procedural challenge almost killed the bill. Our team moved to reposition the bill on another effort that was scheduled to pass. In the closing hours of the legislative session, our client’s legislation avoided a common pitfall and became a law due to our ability to anticipate the turn and move quickly. The effort cleared the way for UPS to receive a grant from the state covering 80% of the replacement vehicle costs.